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It can shoot high quality 360 photos, film video in full 360 and live stream 360 video to You Tube.It’s pretty easy to live stream with the Ricoh Theta S, however you will need to connect the camera to a laptop or desktop computer.In fact, Facebook just updated their service to allow for 4K livestreaming, and they even drew up a list of cameras compatible with their Facebook Live Ready service.Not all 360 cameras can live stream, however, so if you want this feature in your 360 camera you need to choose the right one.

Find out more Check Price Samsung’s second generation camera adds the one thing its predecessor as missing, the ability to live stream.

This is a complicated process requiring powerful internal software, which is why you won’t find this feature on every 360 camera.

Thankfully there are still some affordable 360 cameras that can live stream to a range of social networks.

The camera can shoot in full 360 degrees with no blind spots in 4K resolution.

The Allie Camera is marketed partly as a piece of security equipment, useful for those who want to keep an eye on an entire room using just one camera.

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