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Lee Min Gyu is becoming a viral topic after photos of him spread online.

It's also revealed that he has been featured in the August issue of fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan', where he talked about his job as a teacher, dating, and more.

Another female teacher was accused of seducing a male student.

Sayar was arrested in May 2012 and charged with 50 counts of statutory rape and sexual abuse.

So last week, a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge ordered a judgment against Sayar in her absence; 0,000 in punitive damages for Eng.'This verdict along with the punitive damages awarded by the judge sends a strong message that teachers across New York state should take their position of authority very seriously,' Baron said.

Heavily-tattooed Sayar was an English teacher at James Madison High School - nicknamed Horndog High.

The Brooklyn high school got its nickname in 2009 when two of Sayar's fellow female teachers were caught in a naked embrace in a classroom, according to the New York Daily News.

The student's mom Maureen sued Sayar and school officials for million citing the teen's emotional distress.

She lost her suit against the city last year, but her lawyers continued the case against the teacher.

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