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But what surprised me the most was how equalizing the lack of clothing made everyone and how natural everyone was around everyone else.It got me wondering whether I had any unnecessary hang-ups or pretense for even wanting to see the place.Most folks were participating in the Nude Olympics.It’s apparently an annual week-long highlight event of the resort that is held around this time, after which many of these Winter Texans begin to leave for colder climates.

I admit, however, that I don’t really remember if they threw the ball or rolled it because I was too busy looking at the ground, due to the fact that I was standing behind the throwers as they bent over.

A group of several unclothed men and women worked together to hoist an awning outside of one RV.

Others walked dogs and couples strolled hand in hand to the front of the resort to get their mail.

Several nudists rode bicycles and recumbent bikes around the 20-acre resort.

The pool and Jacuzzi was frequented by those wearing nothing but a smile.

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