Peerblock p2p list not updating

New Net Threats as Malevolent IPs rise and die any day and night and we’re there ready to ban them them all, and as they die and take a new life, again we ‘re still there ready for them.Hence you know that we won’t keep any blind spot around them, or technologically writing: We update them as they change / evolve.Others disagree, and believe that even if it’s not 100% safe, it still lets them download files more safely. you only need to be faster than the guy next to you.

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But of course, this kind of evidence is very anecdotal and should not be taken as gospel. While using Peer Block might have advantages, several issues spoil the fun.For our testing, we fired up u Torrent and selected a torrent for Ubuntu, a common, free Linux distribution, and within seconds the list started filling up like crazy.Just look at the screenshot: Doesn’t that look impressive?Ipfilter X blocks Anti-P2P Companies, Copyright Trolls for instance, P2P Crawlers, Spammers, Flooders, Bad Peers, Bogus, Research Institutions and Agencies, International Law Firms, Military, Government, Contractors, Spy Networks, and Corporations related to them.Beyond normal blacklisting of Private and Public Network Infrastructures, our blacklists block IP Ranges serving and/or connecting to Malware Sources, like their Command & Control Centers (C2- C&C), and its species: Spyware, Crimeware, Ransomware, Cryptoware, Adware, crapware, Malicious Hosts, Malvertising, Suspicious ADS and many more.

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