Mennonite rules on dating

The plain people garb themselves not in the manner of the Jew, (whom they unconsciously imitate in many ways--as do all Christians), but after the priests and nuns.

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It is the usual thing for Old Order Amish boys to wear their hats nearly all of the time, except while in school.

Lancaster is especially rich in this lore, but other counties are plentifully populated with these "sects" which make Pennsylvania more or less out-standing in America.

To understand the background of these people, one should read a great deal of history, particularly religious history.

" Of these types there are many communities where the peculiarities of these people are strange and interesting enough to furnish constant material for the magazines, newspapers, novels, plays, etc.

There are perhaps none so quaint or odd, as the so-called "plain people" of the southern counties of the State.

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