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A confrontation between Allen, his own father, and Walter - overheard by Margaret - solidifies the fact that Allen has no intention of marrying her.

Allen's father insists that if he said he would, he's going to. Later she tells Walter that she's pregnant - by saying "I didn't tell him...everything." Walter raises the money to send her to a rest home.

Here she plays a working girl who has to retreat to a "rest home" after getting pregnant by a wealthy playboy, driving her family into bankruptcy. Mackaill, as well as Joan Blondell as Dorothy's sassy sis, is "a real peach" and a natural comedienne.

This is probably her finest showcase, based on the play "Ambush" by Arthur Richman.

**1/2 from **** Dorothy Mackaill stars as Maggie, a sensible girl from Jersey City who works as a model in New York City but lives with her family.

She's tired of dating ordinary men and one day meets a rich man (Walter Byron) who's eager to date. Also in the cast are Billy House as Jennison, Dorothy Peterson as his wife, and Joe Donahue as the sourpuss Hal.

He is immediately attracted to Margaret, and then realizes that she's sleeping with Allen.

Upset that Allen may be taking his daughter for a ride, he confronts Allen's father, who never heard of her.

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This may seem far-fetched to audiences of the 21st century, but it was very real for people of the 1930s who lost jobs, incomes, businesses, houses, farms, and, in many cases, hope. A common element of those included the wealthy, high society, and the fun life.

Audiences could still dream about the good life – a life that most would never really achieve or see.

And, mostly those serious films about the rich and worldly had a tragic element to them.

Dorothy Mackaill, real life Ziegfeld Girl turned actress, might've become another Crawford or Davis had she come along seven or eight year later.

Her early talkies are nearly-lost artifacts which shouldn't really hold up well today, yet her performances are always worth-watching.

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